Rental & Instruction Rates / Private Pilot Cost Estimate

Information on prices and our special club rates for rental and instruction.  Breakdown of cost estimate to complete a Private Pilot License at Northstar from start to finish.

Instrument Rating Cost Estimate

Breakdown of cost estimate to complete an Instrument Rating at Northstar.

Commercial Certificate Cost Estimate

Breakdown of cost estimate to complete a Commercial Certificate at Northstar.

Northstar Aviators Flight Club & School

Information about our special club rates for students and renters.

New Renter and Student Application

Application and checklist of items needed to start flying at Northstar Jet.

Standard Operating Procedure

Document outlining Northstar's rules and requirements to rent aircraft.

Aircraft Documents & Manuals:

N39JS - 1973 Cessna 172M

Pilot Operating Handbook (POH)


Private Pilot Maneuvers

KLN 89B GPS Navigation Pilot's Guide

N872WL - 1971 Piper Arrow PA-28R-200 B

Pilot Operating Handbook (POH)


Autopilot Control Operating Instructions

N95203 - 1969 Piper Cherokee PA-28-140

 Owner's Handbook


Flight Manual Supplement

S-TEC Autopilot Handbook

Private Pilot Maneuvers

Weight & Balance Worksheet

A one sheet template with a table containing all of our aircraft weight and balance numbers to get you started on a safe flight.  Also contains graphs and CG envelopes for each aircraft.

Flight Schedule Pro

Website for reserving aircraft and instructors.

Find an Aviation Medical Examiner

Current list of AME doctors for a medical certificate.

ASA Flight Planner

Planning sheet for a full cross country flight.

Flight Plan Form

Each individual renter renting a NSJ aircraft must file a Flight Plan Record with NSJ via Flight Schedule Pro when the aircraft is reserved or at the front desk before checking out the aircraft’s can. VFR Flight Plan filing with Flight Service is not required but is highly recommended. ​