JET A: $6.30 w/ FSII $6.50 100LL: $6.75 SELF / $7.25 FULL

Northstar Jet is a proudly branded Phillips 66 Fixed Base Operator.  We are committed to the delivery of clean, dry fuel - on time, every time.

MSO is a competitive airport.  Northstar's standout reliability is chosen to deliver fuel for seven out of eight airlines that fly into MSO.  We are also contracted with the Department of Defense, Empire Airlines, Alpine Air, and the US Forest Service.

We have a rigorous, organized quality control program.  Northstar Jet undergoes frequent facility audits - about fifteen per year on average.

With so much at stake, we understand that clean fuel is a top priority for our customers.  We take the matter seriously, and make every effort to ensure that you are getting top notch product.

Northstar Jet is proud to be recognized by the CAA - Corporate Aircraft Association as Missoula's only preferred FBO.  We accept a wide range of contract fuel options, ensuring our customers are getting the best deal out there.